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Graphic Apartment


Textured Apartment Interior Design, Residential


Bucharest, Romania




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A spacious apartment from Bucharest got a modern geometric interior design, with bold graphics accentuating the important areas. Designed for a big family that likes to spend plenty of time together, this project took in account each of their daily rituals.

living room design with costom made bold graphic wallpaper and cozy hygge athmosphere
functional living room design with a bold graphic wallpaper by RITE and a large bookcase

Living Room

The living room design revolves around the strong graphic element introduced by our Final Frontier Wallpaper. The other elements have minimal impact, acting as functional composition elements, with materials meant to harmonize the space.

The outcome is a playful interior design, meant to inspire creativity and freedom in a vivid family.

minimalist and functional kitchen design with a user friendly central island and neutral colors that invite a lot if light in
minimal and modern kitchen interior design with powerful graphic elements and the soft touch of a wood countertop


We envisioned the kitchen as the get-together space, and we revolved the design around a very user friendly central island, that would act as the centerpiece for this light filled room.

With neutral colors and clean shapes, this modern kitchen design is completed by balancing the strong graphic elements with the warmness of the natural wood countertop.

elegant sexy bedroom design with dimmed lights for deep relaxation. Amenajare interioara Bucuresti dormitor elegant si sexy cu lumini estompate pentru relaxare profundă.

Master Bedroom

An elegant and sexy design for this master bedroom that takes a calculated step back from the lightness of the rest of the design, creating a micro world for relaxation.


Even though the color scheme is somewhat different, it holds together well, as a whole, with the rest of the apartment, by borrowing some of the accent colors and textures.

kids playful mentessori bedroom design to stimulate creativity and imagination with whimsical wallpaper and a house-shaped bed close to the floor. Amenajare interioara Bucuresti  design dormitor mentessori jucăuș pentru copii pentru a stimula creativitatii și a imaginației cu tapet jucaus și un pat în formă de casă aproape de podea.
kids multifunctional Star Wars themed bedroom design that stimulates fun activities and exploration via a climbing net. Amenajare interioara Bucuresti  Design multifuncțional pentru dormitor tematic Star Wars pentru copii, care stimulează activitățile distractive și explorarea printr-o plasă de cățărat.

Kids Bedrooms

As always, the kids bedroom designs are thought as a canvas on which they can explore, dream and play. The youngest kid's bedroom is designed after Montessori principles, on a pastel color palette.

The oldest got a Star Wars themed bedroom, but designed in a way where, when his interests change as he grows older, it will be easily converted for his new passions.

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