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Conacul Boierului este un Conac Traditional Romanesc, care ofera un restaurant cu meniu fusion inspirit din mancarea traditionala romaneasca, folosind doar ingrediente eco crescute in zona.

Fiind situat pe dealurile unei faimoase zone viticole din Romania, acest Han are toate atributele necesare unei vacante de vis.

Am adus aceste valori in amenajarea de interior a restaurantului, urmarnd un stil Traditional Modern Romanesc.

The Boyar’s Mansion is a Traditional Romanian Inn that hosts a restaurant offering a selection of fusion cuisine inspired by the Romanian traditional dishes, using only home grown and Eco ingredients.

Situated on an high heal deep in a famous vineyards county in Romania, this Inn has all the attributes required for a dream getaway.

We pursued bringing these features in the restaurant design project by embracing a Romanian Modern-Traditional style.

Camera Principala / The Main Room

Semineul ce desparte cele doua camera ale restaurantului este un bun exemplu pentru procesul de gandire cand este vorba despre stilul romanesc traditional reinterpretat. Am pastrat metoda de constructie si materialele folosite in mod normal pentru sobele romanesti, dar am esentializat formele si finisajul, reusind sa ii oferim un aer modern pastrand vechile valori intacte.

Pasarea Pheonix ce decoreaza semineul este unul dintre simbolurile gasite pe stema judetului. Aripile sale se extind in camera principala, stilizate sub forma corpului de iluminat principal. Cele secundare aduc aminte de butoaiele de vin, specifice regiunii.

Toate elementele regasite in aceasta amenajare au fost create special pentru acest restaurant, pentru a se incadra in viziunea avuta pentru acest spatiu. Astfel acest proiect a dus la un alt nivel cultul nostru pentru atentia la detalii, avand grija sa gandim in detaliu totul, de la usi( incluzand balamalele) pana la fetele de masa si servetele.

The fireplace in the main restaurant room is a good example on how we achieved this. By borrowing the features and the building technique found in the old Romanian ceramic heaters, but isolating the essence of the shapes and finishing touches, we managed to give it a modern look but at the same time keep the old values alive.

The phoenix bird that resides on the chimney is one of the symbols found on the county’s coat of arms. Its wings spread in the main room, stylized as the main light fixture. The secondary light fixtures are inspired by the wine barrels in which this county keeps its famous wines.

All of the elements used for this restaurant, were custom designed by us, to fit our vision for this business. This project took our philosophy for attention to detail to another level, as we designed everything from doors( including the hinges) to table cloths and napkins.

Camera Privata / The Private Room

Cea de-a doua camera este tratata ca un spatiu intim, impartit de panouri despartitoare. Acestea aduc aminte de stilul neo brancovenesc, folosit in anii 1900 in constructia de conace romanesti. Elementele de vitraliu inserate in aceste panouri, transforma lumina ce patrunde in interiorul restaurantului, accentund senzatia de intimidate.

The second room has a more intimate approach, as we have designed a series of divider panels, that separate the space . We gave them shape thinking about the neo-brancovian style, a style used in the 1900’s for building mansions in Romania. The stained glass elements vibrate a beautiful light, enhancing the intimacy.

Designul Mobilierului / Furniture Design

Designul pentru acest mobilier a fost o parte foarte importanta a acestui proiect. Dorinta noastra de a avea toate elementele create special pentru acest restaurant, depasteste nevoia de a avea un mobilier practic si functional prin dorinta de a avea un mobilier care sa fie complementar bucatariei exceptiuonale, si sa devina un punct in plus de atractie pentru vizitatori.

A crea un mobilier care sa isi traga radacinile din valorile clasice, traditionale ale designului romanesc, dar care sa functioneze in timpurile moderne in care traim, s-a dovedit a fi o provocare pentru studioul nostru.

In final, reducand formele la esenta si combinand materiale naturale, am reusit sa cream o colectie speciala de mobilier, care cu siguranta v-a fi un subiect de conversatie pentru vizitatori.

The furniture design was a big part of this project, as we wanted to create everything custom for this restaurant. Besides being functional and practical, the furniture had to complement the masterful cooking, as an attraction for the visitors.

Creating a furniture that draws its roots into an old traditional style, but has to look contemporary and up to date, was a big challenge for our studio, but in the end we have pulled it of.

By reducing the shape to its essence, and combining natural materials, we have managed to create a collection of timeless furniture, that will for sure be a conversation starter.

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