Physical Essays vol I. – Chess

 Year: 2016;
Type: Art Instalation;
Client: Pet Project;
Status: Prototype Completed. Exhibited at Romanian Design Week 2016;
Media: Wood and metal sculpture.

We are beings which pass through the calmness of light and darkness following predefined sacred geometries, led by an unknown and incomprehensible common conscience. We are being kept captive in this game chess, the slalom between evil and good, by the illusion of oneness, without realizing that these holistic principles are purely concepts of justification.

The chess board, the universal symbol of evil and good, of darkness and light being in perfect balance and uniformly spread had to be modified in order to reflect this concept.

The good and evil, seen only as black and white, can be perceived this way only from the social point of the highly privileged. As one’s status deteriorates, these borders begin to fade, as good and evil become only relative terms, applicable differently in every situation.

On the board, the checkers have straight and firm lines closer to home, where the king and queen reside, and as we advance towards the center of the battlefield, these start to merge with one and another, in front of survivability becoming grey.

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