Year: 2019;
Type: Concept Creation and Implementation;
Client: Undisclosed Art Society;
Status: Prototyping & production setup;
Media: Responsibly sourced wood and metal.

An art society has commissioned our studio for creating an unique package for their latest release. The brief had only two words: discretion and symbolism.

In today’s age, of speed an short attention spans, one tends to seek instant gratification, thus bypassing an important aspect of each experience. The journey. We think that journeys are the most important aspect of human life as we know it. The arrival, the climax, is only seconds long, but the journey can fill a life with awe and excitement.

This in mind, and understanding the unique nature of what would be inside this package, we designed a journey. A Cryptex. A container that has to be understood and researched. As the opening code is already hidden in the society’s works, it will be obvious for those who know how and where to look, for those who can slow down and enjoy the journey.



First prototype 3d printed in house, in white PLA. The main objective of this first prototype was to test the interlocking mechanism, the part tolerance, and the overall feel for the size, and ease of use. This first test, with some adjustments to the 3d model, yielded good results at iteration 3( shown in the below GIF), and the project went further in the next developing stages, building the wood and copper prototype.

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