Display unit towards a new Life

 Year: 2018;
Type: Display Unit For Vennice Design Biennale;
Client: SOLVE;
Status: Aprooved and Pending for Funds;
Media: Responsibly sourced wood and metal.


1. a movement or position of the hand, arm, body, head, or face that is expressive of an idea, opinion, emotion, etc.: the gestures of an orator; a threatening gesture.

2. the use of such movements to express thought, emotion, etc.

3. any action, courtesy, communication, etc., intended for effect or as a formality; considered expression; demonstration: a gesture of friendship.

SOLVE is a danish romanian/design & consultancy studio of innovation in sustainability. One of their innovative concepts is set to launch in 2020 at the Venice Design Biennale. They commissioned RITE for a display unit that would align with their principles, both conceptually and aesthetically.

The final product is a simple gesture, meant to promote even more the company’s credo, towards a minimalist way of living, with a shifted focus, from property and consumption to finding the foundation for a mindful way of life.

The project proposes a multifunctional unit, that should inspire freedom and creativity.

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