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House for Pink Floyd


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If one needs the reason: Pink Floyd is not a band, nor it is music or philosophy. It is not a way of life, it is but a feeling.  And for one to grasp this feeling, one must see the band, hear it’s music, get and live the life. And then the feeling sticks.

This work is our tribute for the feeling.


First Pillar


It seems to me that one of the leitmotifs of Pink Floyd’s music is expressing the obsession towards the infinite choices one has in every moment of one’s existence and thus, towards the eternal” what if” and the chosen (?) path.

And more, finding the right mind set that allows one to find ( if the” chosen” has no question mark) the best choice, in the majority of points, that will lead to the peaceful life, with as few regrets as possible.


That is why I developed a geometrical theory, that sets to explain how choices will affect our well – being, and ultimately, what our goal in life should be, and how to get it. Based on this theory, I, later on, generated the Pink Floyd feeling memorial.


The Theory

At birth, one is an equilateral triangle. Its essence is placed in the center of mass, at 1/3 from the base, and 2/3 from the tip, on the height of the triangle.

The perimeter of the triangle represents the maximum of potential that one can reach during his lifetime. It cannot change whatever we do (maybe the question mark from before).

The triangle’s base stands for the material plane, the profane world we are living in. The height segment stands for the distance between the material world (the base) and the spiritual world (the tip).

During one’s life, one may choose to invest its time and energy towards the material world, growing the base of the triangle (thus shortening the height) or to invest towards the spiritual plane, growing the height and shortening the base. (Of course, the perimeter of the triangle remains constant, and could be regarded as the individual potential).


The self walks away from the spiritual plane, or comes closer to it. When it’s done extremely, we call it over investing.

So if we consider the infinity of all possible choices in one’s life, and we add a fourth dimension( time), we might find a multitude of triangles that shape the space that holds all ones parallel existences. This space is our Pink Floyd feeling.

After studying the “supra- investments” in the triangle theory, we found out that all of them come with the triangles collapse (if the base is too big, the sum of the sides become shorter that the base, thus collapsing the triangle.) also if the altitude is too big, the base becomes too short and the shape loses its equilibrium falling under the outer forces.


But in the end, what is the purpose of this theory? What shall we seek? Seek the equilateral, seek equilibrium, peace.


Second Pillar


All in all, out of the words of my theory, a shape emerged. Of course it had to be tweaked and played with, until it harmonized beautifully in a space of calm contemplation. The shape itself is a transcript of all of Pink Floyd’s discography, addressing and transmuting the feeling, in matter.

But of course, for the feeling to be complete, it had to have that hidden gem, the Easter egg that all of Pink Floyd’s tracks hold: the one that if one finds underneath all of those harmonic sounds (shapes in this case) transports and transmutes the listener or viewer.


Third Pillar


Probably the most poetic part of the project is the enclosing panels between the ribs. They open up based on the height they are placed at.

So the space will be basked in light on the very tip, and darker at the base. This also suggest the geometrical theory the design is based on (the higher one goes, the closer to enlightenment one gets).


At the end, we find a parametrically generated meditation space that searches to connect the visitor to the Pink Floyd feeling.

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