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Bachelor Pad


Residential, Industrial and Manly Interior Design


Bucharest, Romania




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This industrial interior design was created for a bachelor of many trades. Asian culture, being one of his biggest passion, we managed to design in a merged style between manly industrial and Japanese.


This was achieved by employing the characteristic visual style of the industrial movement, but using Japanese principles in designing the furniture and functionality of this apartment.

By using different color schemes, we separate the day area from the night area, one of them being designed with darker, sober ambient, the other being minimal and serene.

eclectic living room interior design with industrial accents and elegant detailing of the custom made furniture. Amenajari interioare Bucuresti  design interior eclectic cu accente industriale și detalii elegante de mobilier personalizat.
a traveler's living room interior design with industrial accents and elegan geometric sofa and chandelier with a table made out of concrete. Amenajari interioare Bucuresti  design interior cameră de zi pentru călători cu accente industriale și canapea și candelabru geometric elegant, cu o masă din beton.


For one of his biggest passions is reading, we designed a generous bookshelf, which, by using metal framing and copper shelves, appears like a light and discrete insertion in this living room design.

The main feature for this room becomes the portal between the night and day areas, design inspired by the airplane’s fuselage. Build form copper with apparent bolts, this passageway between the two areas derives its form from the clients passion for mechanical engineering.

The custom wallpaper specially designed for this interior is a stylized sketch of by Leonardo da Vinci, becoming a vibrant background for another accent element, the red industrial light fixture, which visually communicates with the entrance door.

modern geometrical minimalist kitchen interior design with micro concrete floors and micro concrete walls with warm wooden accents and a convertible table. Amenajari interioare Bucuresti  design interior modern, minimalist, de bucătărie geometrică, cu pardoseli din micro-beton și pereți din micro beton, cu accente calde din lemn și o masă convertibilă, modulara.


The kitchen opens towards the entrance hall, extending some of its function in this area.  Featuring micro concrete floors and walls, this space creates a very relaxing atmosphere, being warmed by wooden accents.

The main feature for this space is the convertible table. As the client loves Korean  cuisine, we designed this convertible table that allows him to cook for two to six friends.

Another feature we love, is the handcrafted leather handles for the cabinets. This is another example of how we have mixed industrial aesthetics with Japanese philosophy.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is probably the best example of how we’ve mixed the industrial and Japanese styles. By taking the textures and materials characteristic for the industrial style and mixing them with the shapes found in Japanese architecture, we achieved a very personal and minimal ambient.

Behind the bed, we designed a meditation space. Further more, this is an area where the client can pursue one of his other passions, the guitar, being basked in the natural light that shines through the big windows, that open up in a balcony converted in a Japanese garden.

japanese industrial style bedroom interior design with vintage exposed brick walls, a guitar, big windows to feel like a meditation space. Amenajari interioare Bucuresti  Design Interior dormitor în stil industrial japonez, cu pereți de cărămidă expusă, o chitară, ferestre mari pentru spațiu de meditație.
minimal bachelor bathroom interior design with wood and ceramic flooring and a walk-in shower. Amenajari interioare Bucuresti  Design interior baie minimalista de burlaci cu pardoseală din lemn și ceramică și cabină de duș walk in.


The bathroom is designed in the same style as the rest of the night area, in a neutral and light color scheme, offering a sense of space in an otherwise small room

functional home office interior design that turns into a relaxing guest bedroom. Amenajari interioare Bucuresti   design interior funcțional la birou de acasa, care se transformă într-un dormitor relaxant pentru oaspeți.

Home office

Working most of the time from home, this office is designed to be functional, but at the same time to serve as a guest bedroom when needed.


The color scheme is relaxing for this home office design, suiting those days when the working hours extend into the night.

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