The Story / Povestea



Year: 2016;
Type: Interior Design – Residential;
Client: Private Client;
Status: Unapproved Design Proposal;
Style: Future Chic.

Designed for a young musician, this apartment brings together to different styles, harmonized in a dark and sober atmosphere. A mix of classic and modern, this interior invites one to create.

The piano area, in the middle of the room, divides the space into two: the living and the dining, each having a center piece: the TV in the living room, and the fireplace in the dining.

The kitchen is opened to this space, featuring a minimalist marble island. This atmosphere is held together by the decorative ceiling, but also by the custom designed wallpaper.

Creat pentru un tanar muzician, acest apartament surprinde prin imbinarea de stiluri, dar si prin nuantele inchise si sobre. O amenajare care imbina clasicul si modernul, intr-o ambianta ce invita la creatie.

In centrul incaperii este zona pianului, care desparte incaperea in doua zone: partea de living si partea de dining, fiecare avand cate un centru de interes( televizorul in living si semineul in dining).

Bucataria este deschisa catre acest spatiu, avand ca element central o insula minimalista din marmura. Intreaga atmosfera este completata de elementele decorative montate pe tavanul incaperii, dar si tapetul gandit special pentru aceasta amenajare.

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