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Rainbow Ark


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Earth's orbit


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Extract from “The ark’s comprehensive history” edition VI– 1203 a.a.

The story found: A short history of what it was, and what it became.

“At first the world was ours. And we took it for granted. Voices could be heard, whispering, only whispering, that we are killing it. The whispers remained whispers, and soon, the path towards destruction was one without return.

It was clear, that in the centuries to come, the world would die, habitat by habitat, microclimate by microclimate, species by species. Panic took over. After years of research, after dismissing project after project, humankind was clueless on how to undo all the harm that “living” did to the planet.


Until one day.

Apparently, out of pure luck, somebody came across a thousand year old scroll, containing some rough sketches of the, so called, Rainbow Ark. it seemed, from the start, that this might be the break Earth needed.


It is.

Every planetary body (including the earth) is surrounded by its own gravitational field, which exerts an attractive force on all objects.

Assuming a spherically symmetrical planet, the strength of this field at any given point is proportional to the planetary body’s mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the center of the body.

The action of earth’s gravity on one point, on several points, and then on infinite points around the planet is directed towards the center of the earth.



Stage one – The Power plant

The main advantage of the placement, shape and size of the Ark is that it can generate green electricity, and ship it to earth. At first, the Rainbow Ark will be providing power for earth’s inhabitants.

With its huge air turbines, harvesting power in the troposphere, and vast solar power plants, harvesting energy in the stratosphere, the Ark will provide enormous quantities of electricity. At this stage, some maintenance crews will be stationed on the Ark.

Stage two – the Ark

This stage would happen in a world that’s dying. it won’t die abruptly, but gradually, species by species.

So each endangered species will have its habitat fully recreated on the Ark, and moved there, together with more maintenance crews. In time the habitats will become autonomous, ad will be functioning as they would on earth.

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