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Sacred Synthesis


Art Installation 




Bucharest, Romania


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This is the prologue of the Sacred Synthesis essay, by Vlad Osiac. The first in a four piece installation that is meant to simplify the over complicated, and fall back to the roots of everything.


Throughout this installation we will explore the symbiotic relationship between creation and destruction, as interchangeable actions.


By mirroring the creation to destruction process, we aim to show that, perceived on a large enough timescale destruction might be understood as creation, and creation as destruction.

When polishing a stone, or carving a piece of wood, one takes a rough piece, shaped in a natural matter by the universe around it, and tries to remodel it to fit its own perception of perfection.

If one, after achieving the desired shape, doesn’t stop, will carve and polish the piece into inexistence.

The same way, we are beings sculpted by the sum of elements that have interacted, from the beginning of the universe.

Every insignificant connection between the smallest links of matter has made each one of us these over complicated operating systems that act and look the way we do.

This fractal way of seeing creation might make one wonder when creation stops and destruction commences (and vice versa).

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