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Padurea de piatra din Shilin, este un parc natural din provincia Yunnan, China, aflata sub protectie UNESCO. Am lucrat impreuna cu o echipa de arhitecti de la EBU Shanghai la dezvoltarea unui complex comercial si rezidential, integrat in acest peisaj.

Prima parte a proiectului a fost reprezentata de designul complexului VIP, ce urma sa devina cladirea de referinta a parcului.

Situl, aproape muzical prin forma si compozitie, a dictat volumetria cladirii, rezultatul fiind un obiect ce pare ca izvoraste din padurea de piatra.

The Shilin stone forest is one of the natural wonders protected by UNESCO. We worked together with a team of architects from EBU Shanghai on developing a complex of commercial and residential buildings that would be inserted in this eerie landscape.

The first part was the VIP RESORT building, that had to be the landmark of the complex.

As we have found the landscape to be nearly musical in composition and shape, we designed the building to appear as if it would burst out from the rocky formation. This unusual terrain, finally became the main creative tool in contouring this design.

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